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America's Local Reprepsentatives

America's Touch of Class
Local , County, Regional Representatives

What is a local, county, or Regional representative position? They are ladies that accept the position as a public figure in their own area of the state they reside in representing America's Five Star Crown Academy of Beauties under America's Touch of Class Pageants. They have a purpose in life to become involved, with a platform of their choice to help others accomplish their goals to become what they dream of being in their lifetime by being positive.

Why is being a local representative important? A local representative becomes a leader of their own local area of their state, promoting their position to the general public to inspire older and younger generations to believe in themselves, build confidence, and to grow in knowledge of how to be a success in their own lives.

They like to blaze their own trails , and conquer new horizons to accomplish their goals. The building blocks in pageantry begins on the local levels which helps to prepare them for state competitions to represent their state at the national levels of competitions for the most prestigious title as a representative for the United States of America.

What is a local representative? A local representative is a lady that takes on the position by choice to represent their local area to the general public helping others under the organization of America's Five Star Crown Academy of Beauties. It is an award and achievement. They will have the honor of being a part of the pageant industry where they will gain self-esteem, build confidence and grow in knowledge instead of just being a contestant for a competition but also being a representative with a purpose for themselves.

Being a local representative is the begining point for everyone that wants to further themselves competing for a title. The experience they gain along the way will help their self esteem, which will build their confidence not only in pageantry but on any venture they decide to do in life.

How do I become a local representative for America's Touch of Class Pageants?
To expedite your entry, you need to fill in the application on the National Registry Form and we will email you the top three choices still available in your area, then you choose what local area is of your interest to represent prior to the state competition. Use the National Registry Form link on the front page of this web site to enter.

After accepting a local representative position you will need to join America's Touch Of Class with a entry fee of $210.00 to help with the cost of your Official Crown and Official Sash , Certificate of Achievement Award, One year Reign, etc...

You will then be competing in the state competition for
FREE and if you win your state you will be competing at the Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada.

How do you make appearances? Volunteer your services and request to promote them by announcing your position with America's Touch of Class. We will varify your position with America's Touch of Class Pageants by email from the corporate office within 24 hours after the request to the organization event. You respond to us from your email and we respond with a corporate letter on our letterhead from the corporate headquarters varifying that you are our representative sent to them personally.

You will also recieve a copy of the same letter varifying that we sent them a letter in your behalf.

Do you have to travel to become a local representative?

Traveling is not required because you are your own promoter as to the events you attend. It is your choice, because you obtain experience being in the public arena by attending events in your local area. If you win the State Title , you do have to compete at the Nationals. The choice to travel in your local area is up to you...

Can I travel to other states to promote my position? Yes, as a Local area or State representative position you can travel across state lines to make appearances , ride in parades, visit organizations promoting and helping other, etc. You can work with other queens or appear alone at an event.

Is there a quota on how many appearances I would have to make as a Loca Area Queen Representative?
No, because we want you to enjoy representing your title. You are incontrol of your events and your experiences during your reign. Keep records of all your contacts so you can be of service for more than just one event each year. This is your private contacts for events. It is always nice to have a list of those you can serve.

Is there a place to become trained to be a queen representative for America's Touch of Class? Hands on experience is the only way to truly gain the experience being a queen before you compete on the state level. As a queen in training you get the experience to prepare you to be the best queen ever. When you compete at the state pageant you have the exposure to the public that will instill your confidence to be the there waiting hopefully to be crowned #1 in your state. We do have pageant trainers in various location across our states and we will share them with you, they are an added plus to the

What if I competed and didn't get the state position to go to Nationals? America's Touch of Class believes that all queens are equal and to never give up. Each time you compete you will gain and learn from your experiences. You continue on your local reign until your year is complete. With America's Touch of Class you can re-enter as a local under a different title or keep the same title if it is not spoken for. You then compete for state again with the new local title. Each year you can change to another one of America's Academy of Beauties systems and compete for your state title under the new system. By being a local representative each year gives you experience plus you are building contacts for events to have your reign filled with more events to promote your title.

Why do I have to have a local title to compete for State?
As a local representative you are more than just a contestant, you are important to America's Systems and we feel that you are gaining the experience being in the public eye before you compete for the state title so you are on an equal level with all the contestants. The more appearances you do will give you more practice experiences that will help prepare you to maybe win state.

What are the systems for America's Academy of Beauties?
The first system is America's Touch of Class, then you could continue on to America's Ambassadors, America's Love of Country, America's Classettes, America's Crown of Crowns and America's Beautiful Ladies and so on. These systems will have national winners and the grand finale will be all system winners competing against each other to find the one person that will be crowned
"Miss Celestial America"

What is the Sorority of Sisterhood in America's Pageants?
Through out the years you will build a sorority of pageant sisters in your own state and across the country. Entering the pageants is not the end of your quest for wearing the State or National Crown. You will have more avenues and opportunities available to you.

Local positions is the begining to taking the steps to your future for various careers. Enter today to get started by sending in your National Registry Form for more information.

Check out the Corporate Web Site.

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