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America's Miss Teen History

On June 24th, 2009, sixteen year old Bryn Lewis was crowned Miss Teen America's Touch of Class. This was the culmination of much hard work and a life-long dream of making her mark on the world through pageants. When Bryn was fourteen years old, she was given her first opportunity to compete in a pageant. Although she successfully placed in the top 10, she did not receive a title. This was the story for every pageant she entered for the next two years, and a familiar situation for many aspiring competitors. Although this was occasionally frustrating, she kept working toward her dreams. Along the way, she learned how to relate to others, live a healthier lifestyle, market herself for sponsorship, and ace an interview.

She also learned that it's not always about everything going how you planned it. It's about doing what you love and never giving up. After years of hard work and dedication, Bryn was awarded the Utah state crown for America's Touch of Class. That Summer, she competed for the national crown in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was excited and nervous, but the directors and competitors were extremely supportive and made her feel comfortable and prepared.

When Bryn was awarded the National Teen title, she was ecstatic to take her platform of education for women in the third world to the next level. Bryn has been very fortunate to have been included in advanced and cutting edge educational programs. She realizes that she is very blessed to have such an effective system supporting and helping her to achieve her educational and life goals. She feels very strongly about the importance of a first rate education for everyone, especially those who are deliberately denied the opportunity of learning and achieving; namely, women in third world countries.

Bryn has already been involved with the library system in Salt Lake City in a program that helps the young to be exposed to reading and the joys of learning. After receiving her national title, Bryn has been in touch with the World Education foundation, and hopes to become more involved with them. Among her plans are to start an outreach program with local schools in which students will help put together educational kits for children who don't have access to adequate school supplies.

As she continues learning about the needs overseas for educational tools, Bryn hopes to broaden her efforts and help others to become part of the worldwide movement for educational opportunities. Bryn has grown up with an abiding faith in the power of the human spirit and divine guidance.

Her background instilled a love of classical music, but she totally loves the Jonas Brothers! As she begins her junior year in high school, she is excited to expand her knowledge of chemistry, calculus, history, and dance! Her goal has always been to serve others in a part of the medical field. Currently, those plans include becoming an OB/GYN and working with Doctors Without Borders to bring modern medical technology to women who need it.

Bryn's advice to those who are contemplating entering the world of pageantry, is go for it! It will open your eyes to the world around you and give you important skills you will need for any future goals, or challenges you may encounter.

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