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America's Booking Appearances Request Form

America's Booking Appearances Request Form



Thank you for your interest in booking

"Miss America's Touch of Class"

for your upcoming event.

Booking Miss America's Touch of Class puts a spotlight on your event, gaining media exposure and public relations benefits for your organization as well as an affiliation with an iconic symbol of the American that believes in our country, that is rich in history and social significance to our nation.

The Miss America's Touch of Class Organization is a Domestic non-profit organization that has maintained a tradition of empowering American women to achieve their personal and professional goals, since 1988, while providing a forum in which to express their opinions, talents and intelligence.

The Miss America's Touch of Class Organization makes every effort to accommodate your request. Appearances are determined by Miss America's Touch of Class schedules, appearance fees and the nature of the event.

We hold patriotism to our country 100 % so the scheduled appearances that she does has to have the most respect for what she promotes and for what she believes in.

In order for your organization to be considered for a personal appearance by Miss America's Touch of Class Organization, you must comply with the following guidelines:

Requests may only be submitted online by our online

Booking Appearance Request Form

Request applications that are incomplete, not submitted online or do not meet all scheduled guidelines, will not be considered. All countries will be considered as to where she will travel to do appearances.

Based upon the nature of your request, an appearance fee will be determined upon a contractual agreement and with your organization and with your states business status.

We must receive the request no later than 45 days prior to the event.

You must provide two round trip first class air flight tickets
(Miss America's Touch of Class + Her designated chaperone/ Public relations coordinator.) Included in this agreement transportation to and from hotel, to the appearance event plus meals for two. And incidental expenses relating to the appearance event for each day of the event /events supplied by limousine services in your area. Their first class hotel has to be connecting suites with security services.

For questions, please contact Public Relations as the subject line for the Miss America's Touch of Class events at



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