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America's Miss History

I was standing on stage at the America's Touch of Class National Pageant and I was crowned Miss America's Touch of Class 2009. The competition went to fast I felt like I blinked my eyes and it was over... As I was waiting to find out the results I kept saying Please say my name over and over in my head!! They announced the teen winner and I was so happy because I loved the girl that won!! Then they called the Miss division forward... My dear friend got 2nd runner up and I was thrilled for her!! I was waiting to hear who had won 1st runner up and when they called Indiana's name my stomach dropped!! I thought I was the 1st runner up...

As we waited to the winner to be announced the only thing I could think about was how bad I wanted this and how life changing winning a title like this could be.. Then the moment came... The New Miss America's Touch of Class 2009 is.......... Krisann Binetti I truly didn't even know how to react...

I actually turned around on stage, I was thrilled... My eyes started to fill up with tears and I actually took a deep breath because I swear I didn't breathe the whole time they were announcing the results!! I just remember giving Becky the Miss from 2008 the biggest hug... I was shaking from head to toe and when the crown was finally placed on my head it felt real!! I had won and I knew it would be a moment I would cherish and remember for the rest of my life!!!
Her Platform:

Krisann Binetti is a 21 year old student currently attending Kean University in Toms River, New Jersey. She is working toward a double major in Art History and International Tourism. Krisann plans to eventually obtain a doctorate in Art History so she can become a college professor. Krisann realized her passion of Art after several educational tours of Europe and just received a dual citizenship between the United States and Italy.

Krisann also runs her own non profit organization called Queens for the Cause which offers assistance to families in need. She has raised thousands for causes that range from leukemia, breast cancer and Make a Wish foundation. Krisann has been competing in pageants since she was a little girl and says that because of pageants she has become a more confident individual. Krisann plans on making her year as Miss America's Touch of Class a great one. She has already done several appearances raising money for various causes.

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