America's Touch of Class

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America's Ms. History

Paije Koza

Ms., that is a special woman that has experienced many avenues of life that other divisions have not. She is special. Ask her a question and she sure can answer it.

She is Smart beyond her years, confident, knows her own self worth more than anyone else does and is determined to change her life for the best that expands her life in general.

She can be a divorced woman that has career goals and dreams to continue to accomplish or… a widow that has to start over in life with what she possesses for dreams that she probably shared with a loved one…. And maybe a single parent that has her children to protect, but still has to fulfill her dreams in life as well.

The Ms. Woman has so much more to offer society than you could ever imagine. Its just the beginning of a new future for her and so many things to start anew.

She definitely wears many hats and can accomplish them all by being a determined woman to make it on

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