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America's State Directorships

Directorships for
America's Five Star Crown Academy of Beauites

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How do you qualify to become a State Directorship for"America's Five Star Crown Academy of Beauties" for your state or country?

A Directorship is a State Contracted Pageant System either by an Individual, a Company, a former director or queen in their own country. As a director for a Pageant System they can control all six age divisions in one state. This way only one director can have an exclusive rights to that state under their contracted system. Each age division is contracted separately.

What if you want only one age division to promote in one state?

If that is the case, it is better to have all age groups in one state , because you would have an exclusive system where you would have total control on your list of contestants in your state as they age through the levels of age competitions for years to come. Building a repore with your contestant creates trust and honesty. As long as that is your number one rule , you can count on a renewal of contracts offered.

But if there is more than one director in a state, directing separate age groups you can help each other gain contestants even if you don't have the same age division level. By having more than one director you can help other states with the same goal in mind to be successful in the America's Five Star Crown Academy of Beauties systems.

What if a group of ladies become directors and combine their director fees together under one contract could they be in control of all age groups together in that system as a whole directorship?

Yes , as long as you ahere to the corporate rules & regulations you could be considered a whole directorship for your state, but on the renewal of your contract , it can be separated into individual directorships where separate indenities would be established for your state in the system of choice. Early renewal each year of the whole directorship will insure that the directorship is yours for the next years directorship in advance of scheduled renewal dates.

With this whole directorship for a state, will there be age group leaders established or would it be considered that all are responsible for promoting the directorship?

In a whole directorship, one director will be assigned to be the director for one age level representing their position as the age level director for the whole directorship at the nationals.

Who is responsible to send the age level state queen's expenses to the nationals? The whole directorship as a whole unit is responsible since it is being shared 6 ways. On individual contracts, not being involved with a whole directorship, the individual contract director will be only responsible for her/his own crowned queen.

Does each age group in this Directorship Contract, pertain to only the system that is originally contracted for?

Each Directorship is separate and is no way connected with another contract or system in the America's Five Star Crown Academy of Beauties.

Renewal of Directorship contracts:

As long as you promote your directorship for America's Five Star Crown Academy of Beauties with class/style during your contracted year it is renewable for another year.

Where does being a state director take me as a director for America's Five Star Crown Academy of Beauties?

As a State director you can grow by becoming a part of the National Competition Staff at the Nationals. If your state representative is one of the 10 semi-finalist at the National Competition, you will automatically become a member on the National Board of Directors for the system you represent for the year in state. This will be an honorary position where you can give input into the national system and promote the next year's competition with the right to advertise that you are on the National Board of Directors for the pageant system you represent under America's Five Star Crown Academy of Beauties.

What is the responsibilities of a Directorship.

A director is the person in charge of all promotions, advertisements, organizing all activities for contestants. They are mentors to the contestants. They have to follow the Corporate laws of the National Organizations. They are responsible for all expenses relating to the competitions, gifts, and their queens to the nationals. This way you know where your money is being saved and your in control. If your State Representative wins the National Crown, you will be the President of the National Board of Directors and in charge of the National Board of Directors that is responsible as one of the mentors on the panel to guide the National Queen during her reign.

How long is a directorship valid.

A directorship is contracted on a yearly basis and renewed on the January 1, and can be renewed early on October 1 for the same price as the year before. The Directorship price could increase on January 1. Each director has to be approved each year by the Corporate Board of Directors of America's Five Star Crown Academy of Beauties. All contestant information is to be registered with the corporate office to verify they are legal citizens of United States of America.

Does the Corporate Board Direct any states or age groups?

Yes, but if directorship is requested by an independent wanting to create a directorship for the state in question they will need to contact National Corporate Headquarters.

The State Directorship fees each year are

The State Directorships $5,000.00 per age group per system of America's Five Star Crown Academy of Beauties at the signing of the contract. Any open age groups will be contracted to separate directors and they will have the right to take over the directorship of the state the following year unless the first directors pays in advance to secure their same spot age group as theirs.

As new systems are opened up for directorships the directors that are currently involved with America's Five Star Crown Academy of Beauties will be given the chance to become the directors of the newly opened systems first.

What are the rules and regulations to follow as a directorship.

All contestants need to trust us in the way we produce and promote our competitions, so we want you to know that. Dress professionally at all times when promoting your directorship , so the contestant will respect your position as the director. If you follow these rules you will enjoy your position for fun and excitement and as a career to help others. Pageantry is a woman's sport.

The number one rule. Trust in your leadership, Be Fair and Honest even if the contestant you favor does not create the highest points from your judges.

The number two rule, is Honesty because if you are totally honest with your contestant you will never have to repeat yourself twice. They will already know you are a concerned confident director and they will compete again.

Number three rule is to create a friendship between you and every contestant you have so they will understand that you are not playing favorites because you treat them all the same. Plus, you really get to know your contestants and can act accordingly to what is best for you and them in pageantry. This is how we feel in America's Five Star Crown Academy of Beauties.

How can I get repeat business in the contestants?

As a director we give all the contestants confidence when they find out that they can enter as many times as they want to because we give them more chances to compete than any other pageant system from within our Academy of Beauties.

The word "NO" is not in our vocabulary at all. All roads in pageantry of our systems lead to the ultimate goal worldwide. They can even keep coming back each year and sign up for another system of America's Five Star Crown Academy of Beauties that will lead to the same crown title each year under your supervision or another system's directorship. All directors work together to be the mentors first and foremost. All efforts will come back to you in time. Remember

Friendships first.

Their success is your success !!!

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