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America's Tribute to Pageantry

Pageantry Magazine is the number magazine to subscribe to if you want the world wide news in Pageantry. Here is a podcast that everyone needs to see and hear. It features "Miss America 1989" Gretchen Carlson , on her life as Miss America and how she used the position to be so successful as she is today. Her goals and dreams have blessed her with how she feels women of today should never give up on their dreams. All opportunities lead to other opportunities, you have to believe in yourself first and be what you want to be to accomplish your dreams and goals. With that in mind, never take no as an answer to life.

Believe you can do anything and you will be successful.

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Women are successful ladies that know where they are going, they are educated, well groomed, physically fit and know how to be proffessionals in business and to teach the young women of today how they to can be a success too.The opportunities
of the world is open to all women so take advantage of it.

Tribute To Pageantry In Motion

Many years ago or I should say decades, there was one "Miss America 1959" that stood out in my memory as the most beautiful lady I had ever seen in my life. She was riding on a convertible in the heat of the summer but she wasn't sweating under the heat of the sun.

She was radiant and totally awesome for the way she greeted her audience on the side lines of the parade. She reached out to everyone on the parade route. She expressed herself as the whole package of what a "Miss America" should be.

As I stood in awe of her presence greeting everyone that spoke to her or didn't speak to her. She just made you feel comfortable to be there. Have you guessed who the lady was? If you guessed "Miss America1959" Mary Ann Mobley you are right.

She always inspired me after that meeting at the parade route and I wanted to be just like her. I was only 14 and this is where I decided I would promote being a woman in my life time to the world.

Being "Miss America" someday was what most young ladies dreamed of becoming, but there is only one woman each year that can wear the crown. My parents knew my dreams but finally told me to be myself first and foremost because I would always be their Miss America. That was a beautiful gesture but that didn't stop me. I figured if I couldn't accomplish that goal I would help other young ladies accomplish theirs.

As the years passed I grew up to learn all that I could about the appearance of a woman projecting herself as a lady, with makeup, hair, clothes, manners & personality etc. The business woman appearance with a flair of feminism in the style of the wardrobe she wears, but setting all that aside the most important part was her personality from within the heart that says I care. That is what "Miss America" is and has always has been through the years. That is why I am so involved in pageants.

It is not the crown, sash, and title they hold but what they do to represent themselves to the public as a community servant for all. Being involved in pageants is more than that. I have been involved since my early 30's.

I have a dream and that is to establish the opportunity for ladies from 14 years to 46 + Plus years to take part in our pageant networks to accomplish their own dreams and goals , to find new friends for a lifetime. The opportunities are endless.
Whether it is our networks or another system, join today to make new friends forever.

Wishing you the most enjoyable lifetime being involved to make a difference in some ladies dreams and goals. You can make the difference just as
"Miss America 1959" Mary Ann Mobley did for me.

In memory of "Miss America 1959" Mary Ann Mobley,
May You Rest in Peace. You will be sadly missed.

"Miss America 1989"
Gretchen Carlson

One day we heard on the television that "Miss America 1989" Gretchen Carlson would be visiting our city at a local mall and she would be signing autographs during her event. I told my daughter which was just a teenager at that time, and she wanted to just have the chance to see her in person.

We went and what an audience she had there. She signed pictures and when it came time for my daughter to get a picture of her they had run out of them so she was just happy to have seen her.

Gretchen was on a busy schedule and she was so gracious and sorry that she couldn't have a picture to give my daughter. Gretchen was being told by her staff that she had to leave to meet her next plane so the crowd followed her to her car. She got into her limo and the limo was moving but all of a sudden the limo stopped and out came Gretchen and she went to a portable advertising display on the sidewalk and took her picture off of it and signed it, then turned around and walked over to my daughter and gave it to her personally.

It made my daughter feel so special that in her busy schedule she would do that just for her. I have a list of various "Miss America's" but Gretchen you definitely get an A plus as being another lady that truly cares about everyone you meet.

Gretchen Elizabeth Carlson is an American television commentator who hosts the Fox News daytime show
The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson weekdays.

Gretchen you are awesome. Your an example of what all women can do with the right determination and cheerful spirit.

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