America's Touch of Class

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About Us

The America’s Touch Of Class Pageants believes in promoting the American Woman of Today and Tomorrow to accomplish their goals and dreams. Becoming a representative of America's Touch of Class will give you the opportunity to use your crown and sash as a microphone to the world to accomplish your goals to success.

America's Touch of Class is now one part of the Academies of America's Five Star Crown Academy of Beauties. Each of the Academies are separate from each other but will begin building an Sorority of Ladies that will be friends for a lifetime. That is our goal for America's Five Star Crown Academy of Beauties. We choose to be the inter circle of women with Class/Style.

America’s Touch Of Class is a pageant organization that deals with the American Woman that possesses class and style. She is a person that will out shine all crowns by representing herself with a prestigious position reflecting the reputation of the pageant organization she represents.

It is not just a crown and sash she wears but the whole representation of being a queen in all aspects of what a lady should be. Imagine yourself as being the winner and project yourself to be a reflection of what the public expects and sees from their reigning queen.

That is what we search for during competition, with a sense of humor, Charisma, Intelligence, and being physically fit. True Beauty is from within the heart that reflects into the outer person. True beauty means more than physical attraction of beauty. All ladies have these qualities and can project them from within themselves for the world see.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to encourage women of all ages to be positive about their futures by accomplishing their goals, and strengthening their self esteem, confidence and with determination to succeed in life by advancing in their own natural skills for success. Each person has their own individual talents and gifts that they were born with and we would be honored to have all our city, county, state and national queens become a success towards their career goals

That is what we are all about. America's Touch of Class knows that it is not what they have (title, crown, sash) but what they do with it that makes the difference. Everyone deserves the chance to show what they can represent in their communities. The rewards out number the services each queen gives of herself.

As a queen for America's Touch of Class, we honor each woman who takes the step to have a voice in their society, who fulfills her goals and reaches out to express their platforms by using the position as a representative no matter how large or small her audience might be. With her position, she decides to represent, she will make a difference to the world.

Friendship is what we strive to accomplishment, whether it is through the World Wide Web or to those that know us on a face to face relationship. We should all be thankful for the friends we have in this lifetime because it is to short to miss even one moment in time. Our friends are special women and we wish you all well. Don't take anything or anyone for granted because it can disappear in the blink of an eye. So Cherish life like there is no tomorrow. Stay in contact with each other even if it is thousands of miles between you on a regular basis.

Giving something back!

The ladies that represent America's Touch of Class in all areas of our country are asked to choose a platform that means a lot to them from their hearts to help support the needs of others first. They can choose an existing cause or be the founder of one they believe needs attention brought to them. Examples of choices are: Cancer Research, Heart Associations, care packages to the military, child abuse programs to protect the children,Wounded Warriors and various other projects.

America's Touch of Class is honored to say

"Yes, I know that lady that represents
America's Touch of Class with her own unique style of class and compassion for her fellow man."

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